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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) might not be as sexy as Facebook or Instagram ads, but with 68% of all online experiences starting with a search it's the cornerstone of any successful digital strategy.

Our unique search data analysis methodology combined with our technical expertise means we can grow not just your Google rankings - but your bottom line, too.

Your website could be invisible to 75% of your market

Ever heard that old SEO saying "the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google search results"?

If your website isn’t ranking on page one of Google for search terms relevant to your business, your website could be invisible to a majority of your audiences online. That's because 75% of searchers never navigate to page 2 of Google.

A strategy-first search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is crucial for moving the needle on your rankings and seeing tangible results. Unlike a Google Ads or Facebook campaign, SEO is a longer-term commitment, but one that can generate high quality leads and sales 24/7.

Lemonade's team of Perth-based SEO experts have helped some of WA's largest brands rank higher in Google search and drive more targeted traffic and business through tried and proven SEO methodologies.

Our SEO approach

A new approach for a changing algorithm

SEO has moved from a mystical and sometimes "manipulative" practice to a craft combining branding, user experience, technical expertise, content creation and content distribution.

But some SEO agencies are stuck in the past doing the same old thing with excessive keyword stuffing, dodgy backlink practices and technical tweaks that simply result in you scratching your head and asking "so what did I just pay for?".

As Google's algorithm become more sophisticated, intent has overtaken keywords as the main focus. Google is now able to decipher the meaning behind the words you type into the search bar, as well as the content on your website.

Sustainable organic traffic

To rank your website higher in search in 2020 and beyond, you need to have your ts and i dotted when it comes to your website's technical performance, provide better answers, information and experiences to your audiences. It's the key to long-term, sustainable growth in your organic search traffic.

Our team of SEO experts in Perth start all of our SEO projects with a comprehensive deep-dive into real-time search data to uncover the burning questions that your customers are asking before creating a content strategy that both Google and your customers love.

Our SEO Services Perth

  • SEO Audit

    Would you spend time and money decorating the interior of your home if it wasn't structurally stable? If it wasn't built on a sturdy foundation? The same is true for SEO. There's little point creating great content and building backlinks to your website if your website doesn't follow the latest best practices outlined by Google.

    Lemonade's in-depth SEO audit will assess how well your digital presence follows best practices. It’s the first step in creating an SEO strategy that delivers tangible results. Our SEO experts will identify foundational issues such as page speed, SSL implementation, broken links, content depth and more.

  • Search Analysis (keyword research)

    The backbone of any SEO campaign. We conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant, low difficulty & high volume keywords people use to search. We will also do a competitor analysis, to see what they're ranking for, how they are ranking, & then we will use it to create higher quality content and win against them.

  • Website migration

    Redesigning your website or migrating to a new domain entails not just design decisions, but careful planning around URL redirection and content migration (where possible). Performed incorrectly, you risk losing your current Google rankings.

    By following a comprehensive website migration plan, we will mitigate potential loss of traffic and organic Google rankings, and set you up for success moving forward. Technical SEO will also take place during this time to ensure maximise search visibility on launch.

  • On-Page SEO Services

    On-Page SEO lays the groundwork required to receive high organic listings in Google search results. Optimising elements on your website such as internal linking, site structure, URL structure and keyword usage is key to ensuring that Google indexes and shows your website to the right people.

  • Technical SEO

    It's crucial that Google can crawl and index your website correctly. Our SEO specialists can identify and fix any issues with website performance, speed, robots.txt, meta robots, redirects, sitemaps, and other web development tasks that can massively improve your website's search visibility.

  • Local SEO

    Having your brand appear on Google map results as well as Google local searches can drive enquiries and sales from potential customers in your area. Our local Perth SEO specialists can help you achieve this by optimising your Google My Business Profile, generating citations and local backlinks and positive reviews.

  • Content Marketing

    It's cliche, but content really is king when it comes to SEO in 2020 and beyond. Providing valuable content online can help you nurture your visitors and navigate them towards the sales process or your most important information. Lemonade's content marketing specialists can plan, research and create high-quality content for your website or social media channels.

  • Link Building and Off-Page SEO

    Using content marketing, manual outreach and quality guest blog articles can help you build a strong link profile. Receiving links from other relevant websites helps validate your site with Google's algorithm.

  • Google My Business Optimisation

    Optimising Google My Business can make your website easier to find when people are performing local searches. Appearing in Google Maps can boost your digital presence and drive more website clicks, enquiries and ultimately - more business. Our SEO consultants can handle all of the setup and optimisation, so you don’t have to. We'll:

    • Claim and verify your Google My Business profile
    • Complete all relevant business information, written in a unique, SEO friendly format
    • Capture any necessary content required (team photos, interior/exterior shots, videos)
    • Create posts to connect with your potential and existing customers
    • Setup messaging.

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