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Lemonade Digital Strategy Session On Whiteboard
Lemonade Digital Strategy Session On Whiteboard

Based on your search intent, we're going to guess you're wanting to learn how to rank your business's web pages on page one of Google search (just like this one) and achieve those ambitious marketing KPIs you've just set for this quarter through search engine optimisation.


Then our hands-on, fully tailored SEO training is just what you need. If you're looking to upskill you or your marketing team in SEO and you're underwhelmed with the costly and outdated SEO training courses here in Western Australia, the team at Lemonade Digital has you covered.

SEO training customised to your goals

At Lemonade, we don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches. No two businesses are the same, and neither are our SEO training solutions. Our SEO training sessions are built around your marketing goals, current level of digital knowledge and your specific needs.

Taught by Perth’s leading SEO expert with over 10 years of experience ranking websites for some of Perth’s largest brands, Lemonade’s SEO training will empower you with the exact tools, tactics and strategies we use to achieve great results for our own clients every day.

Our SEO training can be delivered one-on-one, to groups or online depending on your needs.

Data-driven SEO training for 2023

Ambitious marketing goals require a data-driven approach to SEO in 2022. We’ll teach you how to optimise all facets of your website and create content that both your customers and search engines love.

Our SEO training course will empower you with the SEO techniques, tools and strategies needed to improve website rankings in every search engine and stand out from the competition.

What you’ll learn

In our SEO training sessions, we'll walk you through the fundamentals of SEO. We have broken these down into what we call the 6 pillars of SEO success. We use these everyday when implementing SEO strategies for our clients.

Example SEO training course outline

We’ll kick off our SEO course with an introduction to SEO. We'll share the main ranking factors that search engines like Google use when determining which sites to rank before diving into the first module of the SEO training.

  • 1. Set goals and KPIs - Translate operational goals to SEO goals

    First things first, the important questions. What sets you apart from your competitors? What is the ideal outcome of your SEO strategy? Having these thoughts top-of-mind allows us to create tangible milestones for your SEO campaign and keeps us accountable.

    We’ll work with you to map out tangible SEO KPIs that can be used to track success throughout the year.

  • 2. Audit your site and competitors

    Simply put, you don’t know where you need to be, if you don’t know where you are. A thorough website audit allows you to identify gaps that your competitors haven’t noticed yet, then fill them using SEO tactics.

    Auditing your competitors website allows you to see exactly what your competitors are doing so you can improve on their strategy and outrank them.

  • 3. Build a 12-month SEO plan

    Due to indexing, constant algorithm changes and high SEO activity from the market in general, you need sufficient time and data to make the best decisions. A concise 12-month plan allows you to roll out effective tactics and tweak them accordingly. We’ll work with you to create a clear SEO roadmap tailored to your goals and resources.

  • 4. Plan and create great content

    SEO encourages a search engine to see your most relevant content. In order to climb the ranks, you need content that not only engages your consumer, but also closely matches their search query. Put the customer experience first to increase your authority, both page and domain.

    In this section of the training, we’ll walk you through the keyword research process to identify the best keywords for content opportunities and map out an actionable content plan. We’ll also cover best practices for optimising your new content for search. You’ll also learn how to create content optimised for Google search, social media and your customers.

  • 5. Technical, on-page and off-page optimisation

    Once all the pieces are in place, it’s time to execute. We'll walk you through the weekly, monthly and quarterly actions you should be taking to optimise your website for Google. This includes strategic link building techniques, on-page optimisation best practices and more.

  • 6. Review performance - Analytics and data visualisation

    Simply put, things change. Algorithms, protocols, other external factors. This means our tactics may be adjusted along the way according to what we believe will achieve our SEO goals. In this module we'll introduce you to the best tools to measure your website and SEO performance including Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

    We’ll also introduce you to Google Data Studio and share how you can visualise your data in a meaningful way to stakeholders.

Putting it all together

In the final module, we’ll summarise the training and share useful templates and checklists that will help you continuously improve your SEO performance. This will also be a great time to ask any questions that you may have and review your knowledge.

Why choose Lemonade’s SEO training?

  • Hands on: Unlike many of the SEO training and courses on the market, our SEO training is hands-on, and we’ll work together with you to create your SEO strategy from the ground up.
  • Guaranteed ROI for your team: For less than the cost of one month of working with a digital agency to run your SEO, we’ll share our expertise, systems and process with you so your team can get the same results.
  • Fully customised SEO training: Before creating your SEO training sessions, we take the time to get to know you, your team and your business. This enables us to spend time providing information and tools that are valuable to your specific business needs.
  • Proof is in the pudding: Using the SEO process we share in our training sessions, we have ranked some of Perth’s biggest brands on page one of Google, achieving up to 492% growth in website traffic and 50% increase in enquiries from organic search alone.

Meet your SEO expert

Jonathan is the brains behind Lemonade’s digital marketing team, with over a decade of experience creating, managing and implementing SEO and paid search strategies across a huge range of businesses here in Perth and overseas. He also comes backed with a Bachelor of Commerce (Double Majoring in Marketing and Advertising) from Curtin University.

Some of the clients Jonathan has worked with include Brightwater Care Group, Western Power, Summit Homes and Murdoch University just to name a few.

Who is this SEO training for?

Our SEO training in Perth is perfect for digital marketers with a beginner - intermediate level of SEO knowledge with a foundational knowledge of digital marketing.

  • Perth marketing executives who are looking to upskill their knowledge to better manage digital marketing teams in-house or externally
  • Digital marketing managers in Perth
  • Perth business owners
  • Digital marketing specialists who are responsible for high-level SEO tasks or work external digital marketing agencies who run SEO

Based on your level of experience with digital marketing and/or SEO, we can tailor our approach.

Why do Perth businesses need SEO training?

It used to be enough to post great content and focus on the right keywords to rank on page one in Google. Those days are long gone.

Google has become far more sophisticated with it’s search algorithm in order to show its users more relevant and useful search results

To stand out in Google, marketers need to understand and optimise for Google’s new ranking factors and the ever changing algorithm.

They also need to have the right tools, systems and processes in place to save time and focus their energy on search engine optimisation tasks that have the biggest impact on marketing and organisational KPIs.

When are SEO classes available?

Lemonade runs SEO training sessions year-round. However, availability can vary based on our capacity. We recommend scheduling your SEO training session as soon as possible to ensure that your place is secured.

SEO training Perth FAQs

  • What is the best SEO course?

    We obviously have a horse in the race here, but after reviewing the current search engine optimisation training offerings in the Perth market, we believe our training is the best SEO course that money can buy.

  • Is it hard to learn SEO?

    No, SEO isn't as hard as some experts make it out to be. However, you do need to have strong fundamental knowledge on search engine algorithms and ranking factors, the right process and frameworks and tools to help streamline your workflow.

    While SEO can be learnt through many free videos and courses online, curating the right content is time consuming and it can become easy to get lost in the endless amount of opinions and information online.

    Our SEO training sessions are based on over a decade of testing and tweaking strategies, content and tools. If you want to learn how to be successful, it's always best to emulate those that have proven success.

  • Does Google offer a free SEO training course?

    Yes! Google also offers the 'SEO Fundamentals' certification in the Digital Garage. It's free, has ~2.5 hours of material, and covers the main areas of SEO (on-page, off-page, keyword research, technical SEO). In fact, we recommend taking this course to become familiar with best practices.

    While it's a great course, it won't be enough to create and implement a winning SEO strategy out of the gate.

  • Is SEO the future?

    Simply put - yes. SEO is not "dead" as many people online have stated. SEO simply evolves as search engines update their algorithms to deliver an enhanced experience to users. It's our job as digital marketers to stay up-to-date with these changes and adjust our strategy accordingly.

    Lemonade's SEO training course is constantly updated as Google and other search engines update their own best practices and algorithms.

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